user experience design

In my MA in User Experience Design at the University of the Arts London, I have gained knowledge of the relevant tools, materials, and practices that make up user experience design. We have focused on design for complex systems, emerging technologies, and integrated experiences, where we developed an informed approach that builds on a foundation of graphic, communication, and interface design values through open inquiry and creative risk-taking.

Throughout our course, I have collaborated with companies such as IBM, XR, and Green Lab covering varied topics such as UX for wearable technologies, smart cities, data visualization, and social transformation. From there on I continued on various projects and collaborations of my own.

poppy dreams

I was offered to collaborate with the Slovenian company DEOS, which is building a new, innovative dementia care home. I seized the opportunity to help create a dementia-friendly environment that would be safer and more welcoming to people with this condition. They entrusted me with the interior design of the care home along with the concept creation and design of the sensory room and two gardens, which formed the basis of this project. As many existing care homes are not suitably designed and equipped for people suffering from dementia I wanted to design a space and tools that through sensory stimulation and design enrich the quality of everyday life for people with dementia.

3d sound ibm

IBM COLLABORATION Brief: Design a way to counter some of the alienating effects of remote working online.

On the topic of alienation and teleworking, my team has developed a platform based on 3D sound. As much of the remote work is based on online communication platforms, each one with different issues, we wanted to create an improved version. Our platform allows the use of 3D sound, which means that people on-call can quietly interrupt each other and hear people according to the distance on the screen, allowing for a more natural way of communication. People can also add different music and sounds, collaborate, and more.

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extinction rebellion

GREEN LAB COLLABORATION BRIEF: Engage a diverse audience on the theme of species loss.

For Extinction Rebellion, I designed a series of graffiti depicting colorful animals during the day, and at night, with the help of fluorescent paint, one can only see their skeletons. With this, I wanted to show the duality of the animal world and the cruel future that awaits many animal species. Together we also organized a funeral march, as an artistic protest and a funeral for the animals on the verge of extinction.

green lab

GREEN LAB COLLABORATION Brief: Design an artifact using an algae material.

In collaboration with Green Lab, I created a degradable wallet made from agar algae. As a more conceptual design, I came up with an idea of creating algae wrapping paper that could replace plastic wrap and enrich our food at the same time, as due to the specific properties of algae, they could help with the absorption of various vitamins and nutrients into our food.