I create various graphics, such as logos, corporate identities, covers, landing pages and other designs that can be used for web or print.

I also design various 3D models, such as organic and architectural models and environments. I work with Blender and Unity, therefore I also produce digital games and animations for various projects.


As you can see from my portfolio, I dabble in different fields and one of the things where photography, UX, web and graphic design meet is on websites. I usually start my projects with user research, personas, customer journeys, continue on to design and photography and finish with the implementation of the website. On the left, you can see some examples including my latest project: Introduction of an educational and counselling system in the field of elderly care.


I have done logo design for various businesses. On the right, you can see logos for the following: Dobinkar (handmade belts and buttons), Katja Mahne (hair artist), Kataari (luxurious knives), Katina Jewellery (hair jewellery). As I design logos, I also create a holistic graphic design for the envelopes, business cards, social platforms, etc.

corporate identity

One of the examples of a corporate identity design is a conference on the sustainable management of groundwater resources, which will take place in September 2021 in Slovenia. The aim was to create a corporate identity for the conference, which deals with a water supply and sustainable groundwater management. The second example shows a design for Alpine Workshop conference that will take place in September 2022 in Slovenia.


Two displayed vinyl covers are a part of a project I have done during my masters at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering. The first one named Prihod (Arrival) presents the arrival of the storm and was done as an interpretation of the song Protectors of the Earth from Two Steps From Hells. The second one presents an original album cover named You.


As a freelancer, I do various print designs such as booklets, posters, banners, magazines, etc. I have collaborated with different clients such as the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom and APZ Tone Tomšič. One of the projects was a scientific monograph that was published at the one-hundredth anniversary of the University of Ljubljana. It showcases the difference between classrooms now and during the period of Yugoslavia.


I have designed different backgrounds and characters for animations and games as well as tutorials for different 3D model making.