DEVELOPER & designer

You may be wondering what a funny fruit has to do with digital art. Well, it is made of many different particles that form a well rounded whole – as does my work. It is unique, fascinating and my favourite fruit!

I am an interdisciplinary developer and designer who loves to create new things and finding different ways of putting a new spin on design. With my BSc in Computer Science, MA in User Experience Design, and MSc in Graphic and Interactive Communications I have a good understanding of different perspectives along with knowledge of three intertwining fields and I strive to develop and design, innovative, sustainable, and unique solutions that would help make a difference in society.

I am adept at creating websites, graphic design, user experiance design, 3D design, illustrations and photography. You can view all my projects in portfolio.

As a UX designer, I have the skills to conceive, prototype and produce human-centred experiences in an interactive digital context, covering varied topics such as UX for wearable technologies, smart cities, data visualization, and social transformation.

I am adept at creating responsive websites, applying the UX design methods and programming. I am familiar with several tools of the trade, however, I usually work in WordPress.

I create various graphics, such as logos, corporate identities, illustrations, covers and landing pages. I also design various 3D models, such as organic and architectural models and environments.